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publié dans Ressources le 9 novembre 2015

Making agriculture in Africa climate-smart: From continental policies to local practices


Agriculture climato-intelligenteChangement climatiqueAnalyse, synthèseInfographie, image

The objective of this Briefing Note is to explore how to overcome the challenges of food security and climate change in Africa, contextualising and understanding current efforts to make agricultural policies and practices in Africa climatesmart. To that end, it examines the bottlenecks of climatesmart agriculture (CSA) practices across continental, regional and national scales in Africa. The analysis is based on a broad literature review, complemented by interviews with a wide variety of policy-makers, researchers and representatives of the private sector, mostly based in Africa. Section 1 of this Briefing Note reviews the various approaches and techniques to make agriculture climatesmart, with a special focus on CSA, since African policy-makers embraced this approach, as outlined in Section 2. Section 3 identifies the key bottlenecks to implement these policies and frameworks for the public as well as for the private sector with emphasis on the challenges for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Finally, Section 4 puts forward three recommendations to overcome these challenges through bottom-up and top-down processes and stronger private sector investments, enabled by public policy frameworks.

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