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publié dans Ressources le 3 avril 2023

A new narrative for development policy in pastoral areas


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The failures of development policies in pastoral areas are well known. But what are the alternatives? How can we shift the narrative – of both the diagnosis of the problems and the definition of the solutions? This was the focus of a three-day workshop that PASTRES convened together with the International Livestock Research Institute between 6 and 9 March.

Instead of seeing pastoralists as backward in need of ‘modernisation’ and ‘development’, the evidence from PASTRES work showed how pastoralism is a highly effective system for making use of highly variable and uncertain environments through skilled herding practices. Group discussions aimed to explore how the ‘new narrative’ for pastoralism could reframe policy and practice for development, moving from a critique of existing approaches to a visioning of alternatives. Four main themes were explored: Mobility and migration, Land and environment, Markets and livelihoods, Social protection and insurance.

Read the report of the workshop to learn more

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