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publié dans Ressources le 4 octobre 2023

In search of common ground on climate diplomacy


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Dealing with the climate crisis requires countries to coordinate their actions. In the first part of two podcasts episodes, ECDPM (The Centre for Africa-Europe relations) makes a zoom on EU-Africa climate diplomacy. The floor is thus given to specialists knowledgeable in the matter to discuss how to bridge the gap between European and African climate positions, particularly their proposal aiming to conciliate development with trade and environmental protection. In this commentary, Bruce Byiers – the host of this conversation – builds on the arguments made by his interlocutors, Pascal Lamy and Geneviève Pons, to argue that linking discussions around Africa-Europe relations on trade, climate and development looks increasingly important for maintaining constructive diplomatic relations between the two continents.

You are invited to listen this thirty-minute conversation.

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