Objectives and missions

Contribute to sustainable agricultural and rural development

The objective ofInter-réseaux is to facilitate the emergence, implementation and dissemination of innovative and relevant actions for rural development based on sustainable agriculture and preserving family farms. Inter-réseaux and its members share the same conviction, that of the essential role of family farms in food and nutritional security, territorial development and environmental preservation. Its role is to better understand the realities of rural actors, particularly in West and Central Africa, but also to better understand the implications of global changes (climate change, demographic changes, geopolitical issues, etc.) for the rural populations of Africa.

Inform and share knowledge

Inter-réseaux intervenes and brings its competences by four complementary missions:

  • Inform To keep a watch on rural development in order to widely disseminate useful, quality and up-to-date information, and to keep a prospective eye on future issues.
  • Capitalize and enhance local experiences and knowledge To accompany the process of capitalizing on experiences and sharing the knowledge produced.
  • Putting people in dialogue and promoting debate Connecting people, energies, ideas and knowledge to share and produce knowledge.
  • Strengthen the skills of local members and partners in information and knowledge management, IR's core business.

The main topics ofInter-réseaux

The field of activity ofInter-réseaux is agricultural and rural development. Within this broad field, Inter-réseaux has prioritized five main areas of work:

  • Agricultural policies
  • Agricultural sectors and market access 
  • Agricultural advice and services
  • Agricultural and rural financing
  • Future of family farms and pastoralists

Specific thematic cycles irrigate the exchanges and activities ofInter-réseaux.