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publié dans Ressources le 24 avril 2024

Regenerative agriculture, from soil to sustainability


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58 episode of Farms. Food. Future – a podcast proposed by the International Fund for Agricultural Development.

Despite being a major contributor to global emissions, farming might just hold the key to solving the climate crisis. When agriculture is regenerative, it becomes a win-win for people and planet, increasing food security while protecting the environment.

This episode unpacks this method of sustainable farming and explores how small-scale farmers can harness it to lead the way to a food-secure future. Hear from global regenerative agriculture leaders – and learn how IFAD is leveraging their techniques to combat climate change in rural communities.

On this episode 

  • Gabe Brown, regenerative farming pioneer and advocate
  • André Leu, international director of Regeneration International
  • Rebecca Burgess, founder and director of Fibershed
  • Jeff Tkach, CEO of Rodale Institute
  • Donal Brown, IFAD Associate Vice-President


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