Cycle on pastoralism

Since 2015, Inter-réseaux has chosen to intensify its work and reflections on pastoralism, a key theme for members and more globally crucial for West Africa in the years to come.

The challenges of pastoralism in the Sahel have suddenly come back on the agenda with the recent events related to terrorist movements in Mali, Niger, Nigeria and Mauritania, and their shock waves in other countries (Burkina Faso, Chad). The importance of securing mobility, a theme dear to the livestock breeders' organizations, is now better taken into account by governments (see the Ndjamena Declaration) and by the international community (see the AGIR Sahel Resilience Initiative; World Bank PRAPS Initiative, etc.).

Despite these recent developments, some observers and decision-makers speak of the "programmed disappearance of pastoralism". The pressures and threats that affect this mode of production (and this culture) are indeed increasingly strong. While some believe that pastoralism is a viable and indispensable mode of production in the Sahel for social, environmental, geopolitical and economic reasons, other actors believe that it must simply give way to sedentary and more intensive modes of production. All actors agree that this mode of production is in any case in a phase of change, that adaptations are inevitable (and already underway), and that they must be supported by satisfactory policies.

In summary and in a schematic way, the question that arises is that of the future of pastoralism. Faced with such challenges, the members ofInter-réseaux have decided to deepen their collective work and reflections on this theme.

We invite you to read in this section the progress and results of this collective reflection. If you have resources to send us, experiences to share or a contribution to submit on this topic, please do not hesitate to contact us!

See below for a selection of resources relevant to the Pastoralism Reflection Cycle.

Cycle sur le pastoralisme
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