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publié dans Ressources le 5 septembre 2023

Climate change and food systems adaptation : building roads through Rome


Changement climatiqueCoopération Nord-SudSystèmes alimentaires mondialisés/mondialisationAfriqueEuropeNotes de position, plaidoyer, policy brief

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Food systems are a leading cause of climate change as they emit up to 37% of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions. At the same time, climate change is impacting food systems worldwide. Therefore, the time for adaptation of the climate-food nexus has come. Two specialists, Koen Dekeyser and Francesco Rampa, look at what role the Rome-based Agencies (RBAs) play in supporting food systems transformations and how to strengthen the RBAs’ integration into the food-climate nexus. Clearly, Rome-Based Agencies (RBAs) are already playing a major role in supporting food systems transformations and providing governments, institutions and communities with assistance in food system adaptation. It is now imperative to strengthen the integration of RBA in the food-climate link, and it is to this end that a brief is produced on this thematic by the European Center for Development Policy Management (ecdpm).

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