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publié dans Ressources le 20 septembre 2016

Karamoja livestock market assessment report (Uganda)


Commercialisation - MarchésElevagePastoralismeOugandaEtude, rapport

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Indices of poverty and malnutrition in the Karamoja region are among the highes t in Uganda. Livestock production is the primary economic activity for thousands of Karamajong households, and underpins both household and community resilience. Traditional mobility-based grazing management has long provided the Karamajong with the ability to maintain and form new households in the face of an environment characterized by erratic rainfall and competition between tribal groups for grazing rights. Rapidly growing urban centers in the Horn of Africa and a rising urbanized middle class are driving increased domestic demand for meat. The question is whether these trends represent an opportunity for Karamoja, and if so how? And, to what extent are the Karamajong competitive in livestock production and marketing, and what changes in husbandry practices and marketing are likely to occur in the future?

The objective of this livestock and livestock product value chain end market assessment was to provide information needed to assess strategies and options to help pastoral households become more competitive in live cattle, sheep and goat markets. This assessment is focused on output markets, complemented by the ollection and analysis of information regarding the extent to which the use of improved technology and services may impact the market competitiveness of Karamajong live animals. Study results and recommendations are expected to contribute to the design of high-impact medium- and longer-term investment activities in the Karamoja livestock sector. The assessment also looked into other apparent livestock products and opportunities.

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