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publié dans Ressources le 23 avril 2018

Ecological engineering for sustainable agriculture in arid and semiarid West african regions


Agriculture climato-intelligenteEnvironnement/écologieSols et gestion de la fertilitéEtude, rapport

Over the past 10 years, the French Scientific Committee on Desertification has conducted a series of reviews and published many reports on topics that have seldom been investigated but are essential for the development of dryland areas— the contribution of direct-seeding mulch-based cropping systems, why we should invest in arid areas, restoring natural capital, pastoralism in dryland areas, and carbon in dryland soils. The Committee has played a pioneering role in these initiatives by dealing with cross-cutting issues focused on combating desertification and soil degradation, in addition to biodiversity preservation and the adaptation of farming systems to climate change.

This Dossier looks at potential contributions of ecological engineering to the management of agrosilvopastoral systems in sub-Saharan dryland areas, while helping to describe and define appropriate agroecological practices.

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