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publié dans Ressources le 25 juillet 2014

The Atlas of African Agriculture Research and Development: Revealing Agriculture’s Place


Infographie, image

The Atlas of African Agriculture Research & Development is a multifaceted resource that highlights the ubiquitous nature of smallholder agriculture in Africa; the many factors shaping the location, nature, and performance of agricultural enterprises; and the strong interdependencies among farming, natural resource stocks and flows, rural infrastructure, and the well-being of the poor. Organized around 7 themes, the atlas covers more than 30 topics. Maps illustrate each topic, complemented by supporting text that discusses the content and relevance of the maps, the underlying source data, and where to learn more. The atlas is part of an eAtlas initiative that includes plans for an online, open-access resource of spatial data and tools generated and maintained by a community of research scientists, development analysts, and practitioners working in and for Africa.

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