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publié dans Ressources le 24 juillet 2020

Report – FAO-WFP early warning analysis of acute food insecurity hotspots July 2020

FAO/Programme alimentaire mondial (PAM)/WFP

Crise alimentaireSécurité alimentaire et nutritionnelle

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This joint FAO-WFP analysis highlights countries that are at risk of significant food security deterioration, and in particular acute hunger and associated malnutrition. The analysis takes into account all major drivers of food insecurity, with a particular focus on the secondary impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. It provides a forward-looking perspective, outlining the likely evolution of impacts over a period of approximately six months, aiming to inform urgent action to safeguard the food security of the most vulnerable communities in these locations.

Lire le rapport (PDF, 26p. 3,77 Mo) : ici

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