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publié dans Ressources le 17 janvier 2013

Article FAO : investment requirements in extension to achieve zero hunger and to adapt climate change


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A recent FAO survey on current investment in agriculture (FAO/IAP, 2011) in 94 countries reveals that annual investments in agricultural research and extension often lag far behind the level required to meet the Zero Hunger Objectives for most developing countries. This study reflects on a previous FAO investment report that made the general recommendation to set both research and extension investment targets in developing countries at 1% of agricultural GDP. This study challenges the 1% investment target for extension, given the different conditions in developing countries. In order to define proxies for country-specific extension investment targets, the authors developed an extension investment model (EIM) based on socio-economic macro indicators (poverty/undernourishment, access to information and population density) and a method to define estimates for cost increases related to climate change. The paper describes briefly the methodology and then outlines the results of the study, which reveals significant differences in average investment requirements in different regions and shows the additional extension costs related to climate change and other areas that currently lack investment. The paper concludes with recommendations and areas for further study.

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