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publié dans Ressources le 9 octobre 2019

Master’s thesis: Supporting farmers in the malt barley value chain in Ethiopia

Roxane Lemercier

ContractualisationMicrofinanceSecteur privé et développementEthiopie

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The Ethiopian malt barley sector is characterized by the recent development of highly integrated value chain models. Microfinance institutions (MFIs) have been identified as key actors to support poor farmers’ participation. This is the case of Buusaa Gonofaa MFI (partner of SOS Faim Belgique), which provides input loans and is strongly integrated in the Ethiopian malt barley modern value chain, thanks to its participation to the CREATE project developed by Heineken.

This Master’s Thesis studies clients’ satisfaction and value chain approach to assess the adequacy of the microfinance services provided by Buusaa Gonofaa MFI. This research showed that malt barley producers supported have an easier access to inputs, increased their productivity and are able to generate higher margin. However, they still face difficulties to directly sell to malting companies. The process seems to offer more opportunities for lead farmers.

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