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publié dans Ressources le 19 décembre 2012

Government Support to Agricultural Insurance : challenges and options for developing countries

Banque Mondiale

Assurance agricole

Agriculture remains a source of livelihood for almost half of humanity. It is also a source of growth for national economies and can be a provider of investment opportunities for the private sector. However, millions of poor people face prospects of tragic crop failure or livestock mortality when, as a result of climate change, rainfall patterns shift or extreme events such as drought and floods become more frequent. Agricultural insurance is key in assisting farmers, herders, and governments lessen the negative financial impact of these adverse natural events.
This book is the result of 10 years of involvement in agricultural insurance by the Insurance for the Poor team, Non-Bank Financial Institutions unit in the Global Capital Markets Development Department of the World Bank’s Financial and Private Sector Development (FPD) Vice Presidency. Working together with our World Bank regional colleagues, our team has assisted countries in developing sustainable agricultural insurance programs in more than 20 countries. Noteworthy examples are the weather-based crop insurance scheme in India, in which more than one million farmers are currently insured; and the index-based livestock insurance program in Mongolia, where more than 600,000 animals are covered against adverse weather.
Based on a unique review of agricultural insurance programs in 65 advanced and emerging countries, this book pulls together collective knowledge and experiences to help policy makers promote sound agricultural insurance programs. It provides policy makers with a current picture of the spectrum of institutional frameworks and experiences with agricultural insurance, ranging from countries in which the public sector provides no support to those in which governments heavily subsidize agricultural insurance.
This book makes a compelling case for public-private partnerships in the promotion of agricultural insurance, supported by the donor community and international financial institutions like the World Bank. It provides a systemic approach to making agricultural insurance markets more stable, efficient, and accessible.

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