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publié dans Ressources le 30 mars 2016

Farming Matters: Co-creation of knowledge

AgriCultures Network

Agro-écologieRevue - Bulletin

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This issue of Farming Matters illustrates how the collective creation of knowledge lies at the heart of agroecology rooted in family farming. It presents stories of farmers, scientists, urban citizens, government officials, NGOs, and others who have jointly created agroecological solutions that are suited to their own, local contexts.

Their experiences show that, together, people from diverse backgrounds can achieve large societal changes that range from diversified incomes and climate resilience to greater agrobiodiversity and food sovereignty. This issue of the magazine, moreover, explores the political dimension of knowledge co-creation in the practice, science and movement of agroecology. It zooms in on various ways in which agricultural actors can move away from traditional top-down approaches of knowledge transfer, so that family farmers can truly become central players in processes of knowledge creation.

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