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publié dans Ressources le 3 octobre 2014

Dossier: Economic Partnership Agreements


Accords de Partenariats Economiques (APE)Analyse, synthèse

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Ecdpm has published a Dossier on the EPAs, answering with maps and key datas the frequently asked questions on the topic:

  • What are EPAs?
  • Who is concerned so far?
  • Why negotiate EPAs?
  • From Lomé Preferences to EPAs: What were the key milestones?
  • Who negotiated EPAs and under what regional configuration?
  • How do EPAs relate to existing regional economic communities?
  • Why conclude EPAs before 1st October 2014?
  • Does the deadline imply that EPA negotiations are over?
  • Who will be covered by EPAs and what trade regimes will apply to my country/region after October 2014?
  • What do EPAs cover?
  • Who trades what in ECOWAS, SADC and EAC EPAs?
  • What are the main products excluded from liberalisation in SACU and ECOWAS?
  • What were the key issues that were the more difficult to agree upon?
  • EPAs were meant to be development tools: what’s in the EPAs for development?
  • EPAs have been widely debated. What were the key concerns?

Download Dossier (12 p.) :

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