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publié dans Ressources le 16 novembre 2016

Agricultural Growth Corridors Mapping potential research gaps on impact, implementation and institutions


Politique agricole et rurale nationaleSecteur privé et développementEtude, rapport

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This paper discusses so-called ‘growth corridors’ as a tool for inclusive agricultural development. It aims to inform policy-makers and researchers about how development corridors might bring about changes in patterns of agriculture and consequently influence research needs.Focused principally on Africa, this paper discusses corridor and other spatial development approaches in terms of i) their geographical scope, ii) their objectives and iii) their governance mechanisms – the driving force behind the corridor initiative is of particular interest for policy-makers and researchers. Based on some of the highlighted risks and opportunities from corridors and spatial development initiatives (SDIs), the paper proposes key research priorities under three broad headings: Impact, Implementation and Institutions.

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