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publié dans Ressources le 7 juillet 2022

Africa Sustainable Livestock 2050: Awareness of livestock sector policies, laws and One Health among local animal health staff


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Livestock sector and One Health-related policies and laws provide the overarching framework that guides the development and transformation of the livestock sector. Local authorities, and in particular frontline animal health officers, are responsible for their implementation. To perform their function properly, frontline animal health officers should not only be technically competent but also adequately knowledgeable about these policies and laws. 209 frontline animal health officers were interviewed about their working modalities and livestock sector relevant policy and law awareness in two largely urban and peri-urban sub-regions of each Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda, not far from the capital cities. On average, 60 percent of officers could quote at least one livestock law and 44 percent have heard of the One Health approach. Participating in trainings is associated with an increase in the number of policies or laws and officer can quote and the odds of an officer having heard of One Health.

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