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Name : Hozier NANA CHIMI

Function: General Secretary

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Phone : +237 22 22 46 82 / +237 99 93 17 81

Development economist; active in SAILD since 1989; Areas of expertise: farmers' organizations, microenterprises, microfinance/microhealth insurance

Presentation of the member

Brief presentation

Saild, aware of the domination that peasants suffer in relation to other socio-professional categories, proclaims as the purpose of its mission, the enhancement of the status of the peasant. It directs its actions towards the emergence of peasant socio-economic forces, for a rebalancing of social forces in favor of the peasants. Saild aims to contribute to the improvement of the living conditions of peasants and to the economic and organizational strengthening of the components of the peasant movement.


1. promotion of rural/urban enterprises in the agricultural sector
2. support for the development of the sectors
3. support for local development
4. promotion of community health insurance

Areas of intervention

Cameroon and Central Africa

Areas of specialization

- technical support

  • facilitation des relations entre les pauvres et les autres acteurs (public, privé)<
  • information/communication
  • advocacy
Regular publications

Journal La Voix du Paysan - Farming Experiences - Agropastoral technical data sheets


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