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publié dans Ressources le 15 janvier 2019

Working Papers : Who Are the World’s Poor? A New Profile of Global Multidimensional Poverty

Center for Global Development

Systèmes alimentaires mondialisés/mondialisationAnalyse, synthèse

This paper presents a new global profile of multidimensional poverty using three specifications of multidimensional poverty. The paper draws comparisons with the global monetary poverty profile and with the new World Bank measure of combined monetary and non-monetary poverty; discusses how global poverty differs by specification, the extent of multidimensionality, and presents a set of estimates of the disaggregated characteristics of global multidimensional poverty in 2015.

We find the following: -# Aggregate level : the overall characteristics of global multidimensional poverty are similar to those of global monetary poverty at $1.90 per day; -# Disaggregated level : poverty in rural areas tends to be characterized by overlapping deprivations in education and access to decent infrastructure (water, sanitation, electricity, and housing) and counterintuitively, given the proximity, in principle, to better health care and economic opportunities, it is child mortality and malnutrition that is more frequently observed within urban poverty; -# the extent of the multidimensionality of poverty differs substantially by region; moreover, some deprivations frequently overlap while others do not.

Read the presentation online: Here

Download the paper (PDF, 39 pages, 655Ko) : Here

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