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publié dans Ressources le 21 octobre 2016

The elimination of hunger and food insecurity on the African by 2025: Conditions for success


PDDAA - PNIASituation agricole et alimentaireEtude, rapport

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The African Union has set a target to “eliminate hunger and food insecurity by 2025.” Both Agenda 2063 and the African Union Summit decision on Accelerated Agricultural Growth and Transformation have reaffirmed this commitment (African Union, 2014, 2015). Unfortunately, Africa is not currently on track to meet these targets. Immediate, mutually reinforcing interventions are required to bring the continent closer to eliminating hunger and food insecurity.

The purposes of this report are (1) to describe the path that Africa has been on with respect to reducing hunger and pursuing food security, (2) to show where that path would likely lead in the coming years without significant change in policy, and (3) to outline the conditions and actions necessary to put Africa on track to eliminating hunger and food insecurity as soon as possible.

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