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publié dans Ressources le 19 juillet 2016

Joint Action for Farmers’ Organisations in West Africa (JAFOWA) – OPEN CALL FOR PROPOSALS


Organisations de producteurs et de productricesAfrique de l’OuestAppel à candidature, concours

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JAFOWA, Joint Action for Farmers’ Organisations in West Africa, is an initiative of 4 foundations (Fondation de France, Compagnia di San Paolo, Fondazione Cariplo and New Field Foundation), operated by the Network of European Foundations. JAFOWA will support farmers’ organisations through grant making and capacity development with an initial focus on Burkina Faso, Ghana and Senegal. In its pilot phase (2016-2017), JAFOWA opens a call for proposals in these targeted geographic areas.


JAFOWA seeks to reinforce FOs who work with smallholder farmers, pastoralists and fishermen, to manage quality local food systems that benefit their families and communities in ecologically sustainable ways. It aims at supporting a strong and equitable farmers’ movement in West Africa.

This movement proposes local and regional policies, promotes ecological solutions and enables the leadership of women, indigenous peoples and youth.

JAFOWA believes that farmer organisations that are inclusive of young men and women, and that are well-networked and connected with other stakeholders at all levels, can promote sustainable growth of the family farming sector in West Africa. To this end, JAFOWA supports innovation and knowledge sharing to improve agro-ecological production, marketing and processing by providing services to farmers and by influencing decision-makers to create a supportive policy environment.

Call for proposals

The specific theme of this call for projects is: “Reinforcing provision of sustainable services for small-scale rural entrepreneurs”.

For the farmers’ organisations that lead the project, in partnership with other land development and industry players, it will involve setting up sustainable services for small-scale rural entrepreneurs, such as (but not exclusively): access to inputs, to credit, information on the markets, collective risk insurance, technical advice (on production, processing and/or commercialisation), commercial advice, supporting artisanal SMEs (formal or informal), etc.

JAFOWA will finance projects developed and implemented in collaboration with different categories of regional, national, intermediary, sectoral or local farmers’ organisations, and with other relevant players in the food systems involved. These projects should be implemented as much as possible by linking other players in food systems, such as consumer associations, universities, training centres, and local or national authorities etc.

Other thematic priorities for JAFOWA should also be taken into account, notably: agro-ecology, the place of young people and women in farmers’ organisations and food systems. Projects should include an advocacy component concerning rural entrepreneurship in the three countries mentioned above.

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