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publié dans Ressources le 30 mai 2016

ECOWAS at 40: An assessment of progress towards regional integration in West Africa


Commerce régionalECOWAPAfrique de l’OuestEtude - rapport

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This study sought to assess the progress made by ECOWAS toward regional integration. The analysis of the institutional organisation and sectoral policies of ECOWAS has shown that this Community, in general, is a model of advanced integration in the broader context of the African Union, in the same manner as SADC in southern Africa.

This study consists of six parts, with the first emphasizing the theoretical and practical rationale behind the integration process for West African countries. The second describes ECOWAS and its future development. The third part reviews the main common sector policies, the relevance of the choices of macroeconomic harmonization measures and convergence criteria. The fourth part assesses ECOWAS sector policies on the progress of regional integration and the economic and social development of its Member States. The fifth part examines the different stages in the process of sub-regional integration and their contribution to continental integration and ongoing efforts at ECA in designing a Synthetic Regional Integration Index. The sixth part analyses major challenges faced by ECOWAS.

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