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The content bellow is available only in French.

publié dans Ressources le 26 août 2006

Report on the Workshop “Lessons learned from worldwide experiences” – Case studies on Farmers’ Organisations’ / J.L. Le Coq, M.J. Dugué. Cambodia : FSP mobilisateur appui OP ZSP, Cirad-Ciepac. – Phnom Penh, November 2005. – 58 p.

Appui OPAsie

M.J. Dugué (CIEPAC), J.F. Le Coq (CIRAD), Novembre 2005

This workshop is the second one of the process engaged to strengthen the capacities of agents involved in FOs support in Cambodia. The group of participants consists in about 25 agents coming from different FOs supporting agencies.

This second step of the process mainly focuses on the presentation of case studies from foreign countries. These cases have been selected to enlarge the referential of the participants on specific issues raised during the first workshop.

The specific objectives of the workshop are the following:

  • To present a selection of case studies and check that the content and the form of the presentations is convenient to target the pedagogical goals ;
  • To support participants in raising lessons from those cases.

The content of the workshop included 3 topics:

  • a thought on the FOs themselves: the diversity of functions they can play, the different ways they can used to fulfil those functions, and the issues of organisation and functioning of FOs ;
  • a thought on the support to FOs , strategies, approaches and methods ;
  • the preparation of the following steps.

CIRAD : French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development

CIEPAC : Centre International pour l’Education Permanente et l’Aménagement Concerté
NGO specialises in local development strategy support, implementation of approaches and the dissemination of support methods to local stakeholders in the countries in the Sahel and in France.

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