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The content bellow is available only in French.

publié dans Ressources le 26 août 2006

Pedagogical materials on Farmers’ Organisations and Farmers’ Organisations support / M.J. Dugué, J.F. Le Coq. Cirad-Ciepac. – Cambodia : French ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE), Government of Cambodia, 2006. – 84 p.

Appui OPOrganisations de producteurs et de productricesAsie

M.J. Dugué, J.F. Le Coq, February 2006

This document aims at providing basic training materials for practitioners dealing with support to FOs.
These materials have been developed through and for a support process to a group of Cambodian support staffs from the State administration and NGOs.
This process was developed by a Cirad-Ciepac team from September 2005 to January 2006. It takes place in the context of mainly grassroots’ young FOs that is prevailing in Cambodia.
The content of these materials has been presented to the above mentioned Cambodian FOs support staff group and adapted to their demand.
The materials are designed on the basis of field experiences. They include short illustrations derived from FOs worldwide experience cases that are presented in comprehensive way in another document.

CIRAD : French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development

CIEPAC : Centre International pour l’Education Permanente et l’Aménagement Concerté
NGO specialises in local development strategy support, implementation of approaches and the dissemination of support methods to local stakeholders in the countries in the Sahel and in France.

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