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publié dans Autres publications, Ressources le 10 février 2022

Impact of the Covid-19 crisis on pastoral communities

Inter-réseaux/Réseau Billital Maroobé (RBM)

Conflits, insécuritéCovidPastoralismeAfrique de l’OuestAnalyse, synthèse

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The Covid-19 pandemic emerged in the Sahel and West Africa in a context marked by an accumulation of crises (intensification of climatic hazards, antagonisms related to access to natural resources, socio-political instability and expansion of terrorism). The response measures to covid-19 have affected the living conditions of herders, who have adapted their resilience strategies. Although it is not always easy to dissociate the impacts linked to the coronavirus pandemic from other constraints (insecurity, climate change, other government decisions, etc.), the information collected from herders shows that insecurity remains the main obstacle to pastoral mobility today.

This illustrated report provides insights based on 7 key ideas. It is based on data and analyses collected between May 2020 and February 2021 by the RBM as part of the monitoring system for the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on pastoral households.

Read the synthesis in English.

Read also the synthesis in French

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