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publié dans Agenda du développement rural le 19 janvier 2011

3 Février 2011, Bruxelles – The transition towards sustainable agriculture and food consumption

19 janvier 2011

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Atelier sur le thème de la « Transition vers une agriculture et une alimentation durables »

The morning session of the conference will demonstrate the need for an urgent transition in the agricultural and food sector in Europe. This process should be part of a necessary worldwide transition. Also the relations between agro-ecology and the right to food and connections between production and consumption will be explored.

In the afternoon of the conference a positive vision will be presented of what alternative agricultural and consumption practices can look like. Indeed, the transition is already being taken up by lots of enthusiastic farmers and organizations. We will present a number of examples, a.o. new kinds of cooperation between farmers and nature conservationists, cooperative forms of landownership, the use of land varieties, no-tillage, local alternatives to imported feed, farmer controlled marketing, organic supermarkets and vegetarian lifestyle. Strengths and weaknesses of each initiative will be discussed.

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