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publié dans Ressources le 1 août 2023

Transitioning to agroecological food systems: A review of incentives for adoption of agroecological practices and outcomes


Agro-écologieChangement climatiqueSécurité alimentaire et nutritionnelleAfriqueEthiopieEtude, rapport

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More than ever, climate change, the degradation of natural resources, galloping demography and food patterns evolution are sources of threats to food systems. In response to these threats, agroecology is promoted as one of the possible solutions, the best one for sustainability. Specifically, a group of researchers was interested in examining the incentive mechanisms for the adoption of agroecological practices and the results obtained, with the help of a general study of the literature and a specific case study of incentives in wheat value chains in Ethiopia. Although incentives for the adoption of agroecological practices are essential for the transition to sustainable food systems, there is still a need to better understand how the existing incentive mechanisms work and to demonstrate the relationship between the observed environmental, economic and and social and the adoption of agroecological practices by farmers.

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