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publié dans Ressources le 22 mars 2024

Mapping the diversity of land uses following deforestation across Africa

Diego Marcos/Itohan-Osa Abu/Jan Verbesselt/Johannes Reiche/Martin Herold/Robert N. Masolele/Veronique De Sy

ForêtGestion durable des ressources naturellesAfriqueArticle scientifiqueDonnées

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African forest are increasingly in decline as a result of land-use conversion due to human activities. However, a consistent and detailed characterization and mapping of land-use change that results in forest loss is not available at the spatial-temporal resolution and thematic levels suitable for decision-making at the local and regional scales; so far they have only been provided on coarser scales and restricted to humid forests. The results show that the causes of forest loss vary from region to region. In general, small-scale cultivation is the main driver of forest loss in Africa, with hotspots in Madagascar and the DRC.

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