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publié dans Ressources le 6 mars 2024

How can the farmer field school approach be used to support agroecological transitions in family farming in the Global South ?


Agro-écologieConseil à l’exploitation familialeFormationOrganisations de producteurs et de productricesSécurité alimentaire et nutritionnelleAfriqueAmérique latineAsieEtude, rapport

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FAO provides agricultural producers, trainers and researchers, interesting resources concerning the linkages between the farmer field school approach and agroecological transitions. This publication is intended for project managers, technicians and designers with practical information on how to use the FFS approach and adapt it to their context of intervention to support the agroecological transition (AET). It also will be useful for research staff, leaders of farmers’ organizations (FOs), teachers and surdents interested in using the FFS approach or better understand its benefits.

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