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publié dans Ressources le 12 avril 2024

Food Waste Index Report 2024. Think Eat Save: Tracking Progress to Halve Global Food Waste


Gaspillage et pertesGestion durable des ressources naturellesSecteur privé et développementSécurité alimentaire et nutritionnelleMondeEtude, rapport

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To galvanize the necessary action on food waste reduction to achieve SDG 12.3, it is crucial to understand how much food waste there is. Measuring food waste enables countries to understand the scale of the problem – and therefore, the size of the opportunity – while providing a baseline against which progress can be measured.

This 2024 report spotlights public-private partnerships for reducing food loss and waste. Subsequent Food Waste Index reports will explore other leading approaches and food waste solutions. This is covered in chapter 4.

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