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publié dans Ressources le 15 mai 2023

Climate Resilience – What can we learn from Pastoral Systems in Africa’s Drylands?


Changement climatiquePastoralismeRésilienceAfrique de l’OuestNotes de position, plaidoyer, policy brief

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A recent technical brief presents some major points about pastoral systems’ resilience:

  • Key factors supporting pastoralists’ resilience include strategic mobility, diversity of assets, adaptive resource management strategies,
    and strong customary institutions.
  • Pastoralists’ climate resilience is put under pressure by diverse non-climate stressors
  • Maintaining pastoralists’ resilience to climate variability depends on an appropriate enabling environment
  • Smallholder farming in drylands can learn from pastoralism to address the challenge of sustainably producing food in an increasingly unpredictable climate.



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