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publié dans Ressources le 7 novembre 2022

China's agricultural assistance efficiency to Africa : Two decades of Forum for China-Africa Cooperation creation

Journal of Agriculture and food research

Chine-AfriqueArticle scientifique

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African countries continue to import the same agricultural products that they produce locally. Africa’s dependence on food aid or importation is often a challenge to understand, considering the immense potential of its land and favorable climate for agriculture. This paper investigates whether China’s agricultural support generates positive effects on Africa despite controversial narratives. China’s agricultural assistance in Africa has aroused hope and mistrust in African peoples. Most projects that were initiated in Africa flourished at the beginning, only to collapse after the withdrawal of Chinese partners. In addition, China’s agricultural aid in Africa is perceived differently inside and outside of China. Western donors accuse China of having hidden motives behind financial aid and donations. African countries consider China’s agricultural assistance in Africa to be mutually beneficial. The international collaboration of African agriculture should prioritize sustainable impacts.

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