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Founded in 1993, SOS-Faim Luxembourg is a non-governmental organization based in Luxembourg, active both in the South and in the North. In the South, it intends to give the possibility to the populations to ensure themselves the improvement of their living conditions and to take in hand their future by supporting initiatives aiming at satisfying the fundamental needs, to develop the capacity of the citizens and to promote the construction of autonomous actors. In the North (in Luxembourg), it intends to raise awareness and inform the population about development issues.
SOS Faim Luxembourg and SOS Faim Belgium are legally independent, but maintain permanent relations and cooperate for the majority of their actions.


The general objective pursued by SOS Faim is to contribute to the construction of fairer societies in which committed civil society actors develop strategies for the social and economic emancipation of citizens. Thus, SOS Faim strengthens the actors of the civil society working for social change in the agricultural and food fields, by financing and accompanying them. The action of SOS Faim Luxembourg is declined in the form of 3 strategic axes:
(i) Development of agricultural financial services, accessible and adapted to the needs and constraints of their users;
(ii) Promotion of socially, economically and environmentally sustainable agricultural and food models;
(iii) Strengthening citizen participation in the debate and dialogue on public policies.

Areas of intervention

SOS Faim Luxembourg supports about 20 partners in 6 African countries.

SOS Faim Luxembourg

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