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Name : Souleymane OUATTARA

Function: Coordinator

Email : jadeburkina@gmail.com

Phone : +226 50384641 / + 226 50385969

As an individual S. Ouattara was among the founding members of IR in 2005. In January 2012, he joined his organization, Jade Burkina, and was elected to the Board on behalf of his organization.

Presentation of the member

Brief presentation

The Network of Journalists in Africa for Development (Jade) of Burkina Faso is a section of Jade Africa, a professional association of journalists specialized in multimedia production, publishing, communication for development and training.
Jade Burkina has been operating since 1994, following its recognition by the Burkinabe administration as an association.
Jade is mainly composed of journalists. However, it is preparing to open up to other communication professionals, notably literacy teachers in national languages, designers and traditional communicators.


- Institutional strengthening

  • Partnership
  • Products and services
  • Research and development
Areas of intervention

Besides Burkina Faso, Jade Burkina intervenes in Africa. It also intervenes with many inter-African and international organizations.

Areas of specialization

- development of communication strategies and plans;

  • design and production of newsletters;
  • documentary film production ;
  • production of communication tools and materials;
  • knowledge management training
Regular publications


Jade Productions

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