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Name : Olivier Genard

Position: Head of the Program Support and Advocacy Department

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Olivier Genard has coordinated Iles de Paix programs in Burkina Faso, Benin and Peru for over 15 years. He is now in charge of supporting the ongoing programs from the association's headquarters.

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Iles de Paix is a Belgian development NGO, founded in 1965 by Nobel Peace Prize winner Dominique Pire.
Iles de Paix aspires to a world where everyone can live in dignity and develop their potential; a world of solidarity that promotes access to human rights for all in a preserved environment. In this perspective, the association supports development projects in vulnerable rural communities in African and Latin American countries.


Iles de Paix has chosen to focus its mission on the promotion of sustainable food systems, that is, the promotion of systems of production, marketing and consumption of food that guarantee the right to food for all without compromising the economic, social and environmental bases necessary for the food and nutritional security of future generations.

Areas of intervention

Iles de Paix intervenes at the regional/communal level through partnerships with local development organizations (NGOs, peasant organizations) as well as with communes. In 2019, its areas of intervention are the eastern region of Burkina Faso (Fada N'Gourma), the department of Atacora in Benin (Natitingou), Kabarole in Uganda (Fort Portal) - the region of Arusha in Tanzania and the region of Huanuco in Peru.

Areas of specialization

In the South, Iles de Paix supports sustainable family farming by providing technical and organizational support to producer families and their organizations and by mobilizing consumers and local authorities in favor of this model of agriculture.

In Belgium, Iles de Paix carries out projects of education to global citizenship and solidarity in schools as well as with the general public. In addition, Iles de Paix carries out advocacy actions to promote support for sustainable family farming in Belgium's development aid policies.

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