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Name : Mamadou Fall

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Phone : (221) 33 867 10 58

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Innovation environnement développement Afrique (IED Afrique) is an independent, non-profit organization based in Senegal, which has fifteen years of experience in French-speaking West Africa. It works on issues of sustainable development and citizenship in Africa, focusing on methodological innovations and community participation. IED Afrique's approach is based on capacity building of vulnerable groups, documentation of local practices and policy information.


IED Africa's mission is to contribute to the achievement of equitable and sustainable development through the promotion of innovative and inclusive policies and practices.

Areas of intervention

Senegal and West Africa

Areas of specialization

1. local governance and decentralization: implementation of local governance and decentralization practices based on inclusive and transparent institution building with real citizen participation
2. sustainable agriculture and farmer innovation
3. climate change and sustainable management of natural resources
4. knowledge management

Regular publications

Journal on Sustainable Agriculture with Low External Inputs (AGRIDAPE): a quarterly magazine that addresses issues related to agricultural and rural development through the promotion of good agricultural practices, institutional innovations for sustainable family farming.

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