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Name : Catherine Migault

Position: Director

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Catherine MIGAULT has been Director of FARM since July 2021. A graduate of the Institute of Rural Legislation and Economics at the Faculty of Law in Poitiers, she worked for 10 years at the APCA (Permanent Assembly of Chambers of Agriculture), then held various positions within the Crédit Agricole Group, including that of head of agriculture and agri-food at the FNCA (National Federation of Agricultural Credit) between 2009 and 2021.

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FARM was created in 2006 by the French Development Agency and by companies. Its mission is to promote efficient, sustainable agriculture and agri-food industries around the world that respect producers and consumers. FARM believes in development through agriculture because progress in agriculture is a prerequisite for improving food security and for the economic and social development of countries in the South. The foundation is recognized as a public utility.


During the 2012-2021 period, FARM has chosen to focus its activities on 3 priority areas:

  • Strengthening the capacity of farms to meet consumer demand in terms of quantity and quality and to increase their productivity within the framework of sustainable production systems;
  • Increasing the resilience of family farms to shocks (climatic, sanitary, economic, etc.) to secure income and investments;
  • the structuring of agricultural and agri-food sectors to participate in market regulation and increase their contribution to economic activity and employment, giving priority to strengthening producer organizations.
Areas of intervention

At present, FARM's studies and pilot projects focus mainly on the Maghreb (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia) and on West and Central Africa.

Areas of specialization

The FARM Foundation initiates debates on ideas that it feeds through its analyses, publications and international conferences. In addition, FARM accompanies pilot projects in several African countries, which makes it possible to link analyses and experiences in agricultural development. At the interface between action and research, FARM's objective is to provide food for thought for decision-makers and development actors by advancing debates, experimenting with new approaches, and building the capacities of actors, particularly producers' organizations.

Regular publications

- The FARM Notes provide a summary of current events and research topics to stimulate reflection and debate.

  • The Working Papers are a more elaborate analysis of a FARM theme.
  • The Points of View collection presents the point of view of an expert, outside FARM, on a given subject. The author's opinion is not necessarily shared by FARM but is sufficiently interesting, well argued and stimulating to be debated.

In addition, FARM publishes studies and the Champs d'acteurs collection, which formalizes and disseminates the results of experiments carried out by various actors in agricultural and rural development.


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