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Name : Mathieu PERDRIAULT

Position: Development and Projects Officer

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Phone : +33 (0)1 43 94 72 59 / +33 (0)9 62 39 70 48

Since 2009, Mathieu Perdriault, who holds a Master's degree in Agricultural Economics, has been in charge of the association's development and projects. He participates in the association's thematic reflection workshops, in their animation and development, as well as in the documentary productions that result from them. More specifically, he is in charge of finding the necessary funding for the development of Agter's activities.

Presentation of the member

Brief presentation

Agter - Association for the Improvement of Land, Water and Natural Resources Governance - is a French association created in 2005. It leads a global network of resource persons whose objective is to promote the democratization of natural resource governance.
The members of this network are aware of the tenuous links between the conditions of access of individuals to natural resources (NR) and the causes of poverty, underdevelopment and ecological damage. They consider it essential to build alternatives to current policies in these areas. However, the Agter network considers that the practical and organizational changes needed can only come from a more widely shared understanding of development issues and a better control by citizens themselves over the choices that affect their common future at the local and global levels.
Agter therefore implements training, information and public debate facilitation actions in order to promote the appropriation of natural resource governance by all citizens and especially by natural resource users. It seeks to make accessible to them the technical, scientific, economic, legal and political knowledge and information necessary to arouse their desire to become involved in the choices relating to natural resources and to strengthen their capacity to participate fully.
It provides them with tools in English, French and Spanish that allow them to conduct their own analysis of the situations they face. It informs them of experiences that may be useful sources for their approach to developing solutions and proposals.


Agter conducts multi-actor analysis and innovation workshops that aim to examine concrete experiences and problems and to develop practical and political/legal proposals. Its methods are applicable to the definition of territorial projects of all scales, concerted and carried by the inhabitants.
Agter has developed and implemented a participatory mapping method that allows communities to identify issues related to the territory's natural resources and to compare development options. It builds a participatory method of comparative analysis of the distribution, among stakeholders, of the added value generated by the various possible forms of exploitation of NR.
Agter disseminates, through multimedia and multilingual documentary productions, the lessons learned from its work (information, analyses, tools and analysis methods applicable to other contexts).

Areas of intervention

Americas, Africa, Europe, Asia.

Areas of specialization

Governance of land, water and natural resources. Multidisciplinary analysis of development issues. Economic analysis of natural resource use systems and value added sharing. Animation of collective processes of reflection and proposal. Written and audiovisual trilingual multimedia documentary production.

Regular publications

Newsletter; Video summary of the Agter public thematic meetings; Articles; Documentary files.


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