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Name : Mamadou GOÏTA

Position: Director of AMASSA, representative of AVI

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Socio-economist and specialist in education and didactics, Mamadou GOÏTA is Executive Director of the Institute for Research and Promotion of Development Alternatives IRPAD/Africa - Bamako (Mali)

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Brief presentation

Afrique Verte International is a network of 5 organizations: AcSSA Afrique Verte Niger, AMASSA Afrique Verte Mali, APROSSA Afrique Verte Burkina, AGUISSA Afrique Verte Guinea and Afrique Verte in France. All these organizations act individually and in partnership for food security and sovereignty in the Sahel.
AVI supports farmers' organizations in West Africa so that they can ensure their food security, defend their food sovereignty and face the consequences of climate change.


Afrique Verte International pursues the following missions :
- to contribute to food security and sovereignty, the right of people to feed themselves,
- to promote the defense of economic policies that secure the maintenance of a pluri-active family agriculture, more fairly remunerated and protective of its environment,
- on a more global level, to spread a positive image of the Sahel in particular and Africa in general to a wider public in the North and the South,
- to promote the actions of its member associations.

Areas of intervention

Burkina Faso, France, Guinea, Mali, Niger

Areas of specialization

Capacity building of organizations, management of Market Information Systems (MIS), provision of financial and trade intermediation services,
advocacy campaigns, knowledge management in agricultural value chains.

Regular publications

Monthly: Food Situation Update in the Sahel (FSI) >
Quarterly: Afrique Verte International News >

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