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Name : DANDOY Estelle

Position: Food Systems and Ecosystems Program Manager

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Phone : 00 33 1 49 34 83 13

Ms. Dandoy Estelle has a degree in agriculture and international trade, and has held the position of program manager with the NGO Acting for Life since January 2014.

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Brief presentation

Founded in 1973, Acting for Life is a French non-political and non-denominational international solidarity NGO. Its aim is to combat poverty through the emergence of local organizations responding to the challenges of exclusion and climate change, in West Africa and Latin America.


Acting for Life's missions are :
- Promote sustainable access to food through the development of agroecology: faced with the urgency of climate change and the fight against malnutrition, AFL encourages new agroecological production models, short marketing circuits, micro-entrepreneurship and local consumption, with the aim of strengthening food security.
- Promoting training and the professional and social integration of young people: faced with the challenge of the employability of young people aged 16-25, AFL deploys projects -FIP - Formation et Insertion Professionnelle - to facilitate access to professional training for rural youth, strengthen the skills of trainers, and promote the recognition of professional qualifications by institutional players (ministries), in order to encourage their integration into the job market.
- Develop the agropastoral sector: the livestock sector is a real economic and social challenge for the regions. It is an essential source of income and employment in West Africa. Livestock mobility also helps combat environmental degradation and promote family-based eco-farming. AFL therefore promotes cross-border transhumance through improved access to agro-pastoral facilities and livestock marketing, in order to strengthen social cohesion in the territories between the various communities and players.

Areas of intervention

Acting for Life operates in some 15 countries on two continents.
West Africa: Benin, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Guinea, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Togo.
Latin America: Colombia, Ecuador, Peru

Areas of specialization

Through its three areas of intervention, Acting for Life fights against poverty and exclusion, and contributes to meeting the challenges of global warming:
- Food Systems and Ecosystems
- Training and Professional Integration
- Agropastoralism

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