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publié dans Agenda du développement rural le 7 mai 2024

What does climate change mean for the future of agriculture? Insights from the IMPACT modeling system


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15 mai 2024

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Climate change is one of the biggest and most complex challenges facing agrifood systems. Understanding its potential impacts and identifying possible solutions requires understanding how biophysical and socioeconomic processes interact in multiple locations over time. The global IMPACT modeling system links climate, crop, water, and economic models to explore alternative futures for food and agriculture, is a widely used tool that can help with the challenge of assessing the global agrifood system. This webinar, the first in the series, will focus on how IMPACT can be used to analyze how climate impacts on agrifood systems (and particularly crop productivity) may vary both across locations and over time in the coming decades, and how that can inform decisions about policies and investment today.

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