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publié dans Agenda du développement rural le 23 octobre 2023

Webinar "Leveraging Agroecological Transitions"


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7 novembre 2023

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CGIAR is organising a webinar entitled “Leveraging Agroecological Transitions”. This will be an opportunity for a group of researchers and the organisation’s partners and donors to look at examples of initiatives in three countries: Kenya, Burkina Faso and Peru.

This webinar is the result of work by Initiative on Agroecology. This last works in “Agroecological Living Landscapes” (ALLs), where researchers, farmers, farmer associations or communities, private companies, international and national non-governmental organizations as well as local, regional, and national policymakers are convened to work towards agreed agroecological transition pathways, with focus on: evidence building, business opportunities and financial mechanisms, behavior change, policies and mechanisms of policy integration.

You can register here.

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