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As G20-initiative, the Platform for Agricultural Risk Management (PARM) was created in 2013 with the mandate to enable the integration of a holistic agricultural risk management (ARM) approach into policy planning, institutional capacities and investment in the agricultural sector of Least Developed Countries and Lower Middle-Income Countries to move away from a culture of coping with disasters towards a smart management of risk, and support building resilience in the agricultural sector. The Platform (hosted and co-funded by IFAD) represents a unique and strategic global multi-stakeholder partnership in the area of agricultural risk management guided and supported by the EC, AFD, Italy, IFAD and Germany (through NEPAD of the AU for Africa). It also benefits from the technical assistance of a pool of international and regional multilateral partners (World Bank Group, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), World Food Programme (WFP), African Risk Capacity (ARC); knowledge partners (Agrinatura, International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), etc.); farmers organizations (ROPPA, EAFF); and private sector (CARGILL, MUNICH RE), among others.

PARM implementation is done in phases, with phase one (PARM Horizon 1) spanning over 2013-2019. The objective of this phase was to mainstream ARM at global level and enable the integration of a holistic agricultural risk management into the policy planning and investment plans in 8 African countries from Sub-Saharan Africa. The very positive results achieved by PARM during the first phase brought to the development of PARM Horizon 2 (2019-2024). During that time frame PARM will continue to bring evidence and build capacities on ARM at global and country level, but investing more resources in the design of ARM programs for investments, with a more structured involvement of public-privatepartnerships and in direct support to meso-level players (extension services, financial intermediaries, women’s and youth’s groups, NGOs, farmers’ enterprises and organizations).

One of the main outcomes of PARM is to ensure the inclusion of the technical analysis and feasibility studies into the national strategies and investment plans in some sub-Saharan countries. To achieve this challenging result PARM is also investing significant resources to reinforce the capacities of national and international stakeholders on ARM through its capacity development (CD) actions. Capacity development represents one of the main pillars of PARM at global and country level and is integral part of PARM Knowledge Management strategy.

In this frame a consultancy is requested to implement, with the support of PARM team, the Capacity Development (CD) strategy of PARM Horizon 2, carrying out all the required activities, including organizing and delivery ARM CD seminars and training in PARM countries and ensuring that ARM CD component is included into the national agricultural policy and investment projects. The brand-new CD strategy for PARM Horizon 2 is built upon the successful outcomes of PARM Horizon 1 and contain new elements developed and tested in PARM Horizon 2.

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