A Grain de sel "Country Report"

Breaking with its custom, Grain de sel is devoting this issue exclusively to one country, Nigeria. Why this country ? Nigeria alone represents half of the population of West Africa and half of its economy. Despite its size and influence on all surrounding countries, most rural and agricultural development actors in French-speaking countries (and sometimes in English-speaking countries as well) both in the North and within Africa know little about Nigeria.
This special issue contains reports on initiatives, analytical assessments and opinion pieces that aim to inform readers about the West African “giant with feet of clay”. Focusing on agriculture, this issue pays particular attention to Nigeria’s influence in the sub-region.
What is the current status of crop and animal farming in Nigeria ? How has agricultural policy evolved in this country ? How are farmers’ organizations doing in Nigeria ? What dynamics influence agricultural trade between Nigeria and its neighbours ? What role does Nigeria play in ECOWAS ? All of these questions are discussed in this issue.

We thank all the authors for their contributions and input, and the members of the Grain de sel editorial committee, John Odozi who worked for several months to prepare this issue, along with M. Mitaut, L. Pacoud, J-F Sempéré, J-R Cuzon and D. Simon.
An extensive bibliography was compiled during the preparation of this issue ; it is available on the Interréseaux website at : http://www.inter-reseaux.org/ressourcesthematiques/ ressources-par-pays/article/ressources-sur-le-nigeria. A special online newsletter on Nigeria has also been published : http://www.inter-reseaux.org/bulletin-deveille/ article/bulletin-de-veille-no167-special
This bulletin received financial assistance from the Agence Française de Développement (AFD), the European Union (EU) and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD).

In addition to this issue of Grain de sel, readers may wish to consult “Nigeria : from oil giant to agri giant” in Défis Sud No. 95 : http://www.sosfaim.be/ developpement-rural-FR-publications-defis_sud-nigeria_petro_ geant_agro_geant.htm

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