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Bridges Africa (Vol 6, N°1, Février 2017) : Financing Africa’s development : challenges and opportunities

Bridges Africa (Vol 6, N°1, Février 2017) : Financing Africa's development : challenges and opportunities
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ICTSD 16 février 2017

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In the first article of this issue, Claudia Roethlisberger and Junior Davis focus on debt sustainability and its implications for African countries’ efforts to finance their development. The authors offer insights on how African governments can simultaneously keep debt in check and secure sufficient funding to implement the SDGs.
This piece is complemented by a second contribution, in which Jean-Louis Arcand draws from the work of the E15 Expert Group on Finance and Development. This article presents concrete policy options through which policymakers can improve the enabling environment for trade and finance to better contribute to sustainable development.
In his contribution, Edward Chisanga looks specifically at the manufacturing sector, which will also be crucial in shaping Africa’s ability to meet the SDGs. The author suggests that African leaders would do well to strengthen their efforts to learn from the experience of various Asian economies.
Finally, Marianna Nerushay’s article focuses on investment provisions in regional trade agreements, underlining a gradual shift to providing states with ampler regulatory space in the pursuit of sustainable development objectives.

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