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Our History

  • The Inter-Réseaux Association

In the 1980s, several thematic networks on rural development were created at the initiative of the public authorities and people involved in North-South cooperation. These included “Groupements, Associations Villageoises Organisations Paysannes” (GAO), “Recherche-Développement” and “Stratégies Alimentaires”.
In 1996, at the request of the Ministry of Cooperation, these networks were merged to form “Inter-Réseaux Développement Rural” (IR). The Ministry of Cooperation financed the network and assigned it a public service mission; at that time, IR’s purpose was to “be an arena for dialogue, reflection, analysis, documentation and sharing of experiences, pool information among its members to improve their professional practices and promote innovative development policy and practice, as close as possible to the interests of those most directly concerned.” Inter-Réseaux was at the time administratively attached to the Association pour le Développement et la Promotion de la Recherche et de l’Innovation (ADEPRINA) at AgroParisTech.
In 2005, in order to provide IR with a governance system ensuring its decision-making autonomy, the Inter-Réseaux Développement Rural (IR) association was officially created with founding members from Africa and Europe. The reforms in 2011-2012 marked another important evolution for IR with the establishment of a Strategic Blueprint for 2012 to 2016 and the opening of its membership to European and African organisations (in addition to individuals). These shifts notably brought about a new dynamic of exchange and joint action within the network and a diversification of Inter-Réseaux’s activities. In order to strengthen the ties among members and diversify its funding, IR undertook numerous projects in line with its missions and in partnership with its members and both public and private technical and financial partners. IR also developed a support/advice service for its members in the fields at the heart of its profession, “knowledge management”: information, communication, experience analysis and documentation, and network moderation.

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All our Briefs

  • Objectives and Tasks

    Objectives and Tasks

    Inter-Réseaux’s goal is to help create the conditions needed for agricultural and rural development stakeholders to act within their surroundings

  • Governance


    Inter-Réseaux is an association under French law with an international membership. As such, its governance is based on a General Assembly, a Board

  • The permanent staff

    The permanent staff

    The Executive Secretariat is the body in charge of conducting activities under the control of the Board of Directors. Inter-Réseaux Développement

  • Our financial partners

    Our financial partners

    Inter-Réseaux’s funding for its activities comes from diverse sources: French public structures, international organisations, and private French

  • How and why participate ?

    How and why participate ?

    Inter-réseaux Développement rural est un lieu de débats et d’échanges d’expériences sur le développement rural menés au sein d’un réseau d’acteurs

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