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  • The Inter-Réseaux Association

Inter-Réseaux is an association under French law with an international membership. As such, its governance is based on a General Assembly, a Board of Directors, and a Bureau. It was chaired by the Secretary General of SOS Faim Belgium until June 2014, when François Doligez, head of programs at IRAM, took over as chairman.

The General Assembly is composed of Inter-Réseaux’s 41 subscribing members. It meets every year to approve the work done during the previous year, and discuss and formally approve the work plan for the coming year. This GA validates and guides the role of the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors pilots Inter-Réseaux’s activities. It meets three times a year. It is composed of ten members elected for a three-year term of office by the General Assembly. Since June 2014, the Board of Directors has consisted of:

  • the Institut de Recherches et d’Applications des Méthodes de Développement (IRAM) represented by François Doligez, Chairman of Inter-Réseaux
  • SOS Faim Belgium represented by Marc Mees, Secretary General of Inter-Réseaux
  • Agriculteurs Français et Développement International (AFDI) represented by its director, Laure Hamdi, Treasurer of Inter-Réseaux
  • SOS Faim Luxembourg represented by Nedjma Bennegouch
  • Agronomes et Vétérinaires Sans Frontières (AVSF) represented by its director general, Jacques Boutrou
  • Laboratoire d’Analyse Régionale et d’Expertise Sociale (LARES) represented by Bio Goura Soulé
  • Jade Burkina represented by its director, Souleymane Ouattara
  • Afrique Verte International (AVI) represented by its chairman, Mamadou Goïta
  • Agence Corade represented by its director, Gifty Narh Guiella
  • Gilles Mersadier, member of the General Assembly in an individual capacity

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All our Briefs

  • Our History

    Our History

    In the 1980s, several thematic networks on rural development were created at the initiative of the public authorities and people involved in

  • Objectives and Tasks

    Objectives and Tasks

    Inter-Réseaux’s goal is to help create the conditions needed for agricultural and rural development stakeholders to act within their surroundings

  • The permanent staff

    The permanent staff

    The Executive Secretariat is the body in charge of conducting activities under the control of the Board of Directors. Inter-Réseaux Développement

  • Our financial partners

    Our financial partners

    Inter-Réseaux’s funding for its activities comes from diverse sources: French public structures, international organisations, and private French

  • How and why participate ?

    How and why participate ?

    Inter-réseaux Développement rural est un lieu de débats et d’échanges d’expériences sur le développement rural menés au sein d’un réseau d’acteurs

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N°79 : Filets sociaux, des outils de résilience pertinents ?

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