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Grain de sel
The subjects of upcoming special reports
to be published by Grain de sel (GDS) in
2011 have been selected by the Board of
Directors according to the suggestions
made by the editorial committee. The
topics covered will be:
– grains (June);
– land tenure (September).
Readers are encouraged to make their
own suggestions and propose articles
on these topics (see the back cover for
details on submitting articles).
The results of the survey of GDS readers
carried out in 2010 will be presented
in GDS No. 52.

Newsletters, Summary Papers
and Website

The most recent newsletters published
in 2010 were devoted to the following
– rural land policy
– analysing and documenting international
development experience
– Nigeria.
They can be found online. Subscriptions
are also available through the website
www.interreseaux.org. E-newsletters will
continue to be distributed on a twicemonthly
basis in 2011.
New newsletter categories have been
launched or will soon be added to the
publication roster. The topics covered
– special newsletters on Farmers’ Organizations
(FOs), covering documents that
are directly useful to these organizations
(2 issues were published in late
2010 and 4 are forthcoming in 2011)
– six- to eight-page summary papers
that present specific topics; in 2011,
they covered:
a. FOs’ involvement in decision-making
b. grain in West Africa,
c. land tenure,
d. agriculture financing.
We would also like to inform our readers
that special sections on Nigeria and
Mauritania are available on the Inter-Reseaux

Working Groups
Inter-réseaux and its partners have produced
four factsheets on agricultural policy
issues in West Africa, with funding
from the Comité Français pour la Solidarité
Internationale (CFSI) and the Fondation
de France. The first of these, written
by Initiative Prospective Agricole et Rurale (Senegal) discusses instruments used to
finance agricultural policies. The three
other titles, written by Daouda Diagne,
make up a series entitled “Les organisations
paysannes dans la négociation des
politiques agricoles en Afrique de l’Ouest
et au Sénégal: connaître, comprendre,
agir”: http://www.inter-reseaux.org/ressourcesthematiques/

In the second half of 2010, Inter-réseaux
joined with the Groupe de Recherche
et d’Échange sur les Marchés
Agricoles (GREMA) to lead a seminar on
market regulation held at the French
Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs
on 1 December 2010. In connection
with this seminar, Inter-réseaux drew up
a summary of field surveys conducted in
Burkina Faso, dealing with the strategies
adopted by the actors in Burkinabe value
chains when confronted with volatile
prices. This document can be consulted
on the Inter-réseaux website at:http://

Capacity Building in Agricultural Organizations:
The PAAR Network (Projet
de Renforcement des Capacités des
Réseaux d’Organisations Agricoles en
Matière de Politiques Agricoles, Alimentaires
et Rurales)

The PAAR network issued a call for capitalisation
projects in early 2010. Eight
subjects have been selected and will be
published on the Inter-réseaux website
in French and in English. Three dossiers
are currently available:
– Niger’s Rural Code (Association pour
l’Amélioration de la Gouvernance de la
Terre, de l’Eau et des Ressources Naturelles,
E-Sud Développement, Association
pour la Redynamisation de l’Élevage
au Niger, LandNet West Africa);
– Grain Prices in Burkina Faso, Mali and
Niger from 2001 to 2010 (Afrique Verte
International network);
– Productivity of Family Farms in Senegal
(Fédération des ONG du Sénégal,
Inter-réseaux was invited to participate
in the international forum on the theme
“How can family farms feed Senegal?”
that was organised by FONGS and CNCR
in Dakar in late November, building on,
among other things, the information
gathered for this document.

Executive Secretariat and Association

Nathalie Boquien finished her contract
with Inter-réseaux at the end of December
and went to work for Terre de Liens, a
non-profit group that focuses on farmers
and land issues in France. She has been
replaced by Vital Pelon ([email protected]
). Trained in political science,
Vital worked for Agriculteurs Français et
Développement International (AFDI) in
Madagascar for four years (2005-2009).
An important part of his work involved
support for the SOA network, a national
FO that is one of AFDI’s partners. In
2010, he continued his career in a consulting

In the first months of 2011, an evaluation
of Inter-réseaux Développement Rural
will be carried out to assess the progress
made and establish a strategic direction
for 2012-2016. The team of evaluators will
contact selected members of the network
for this survey.

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