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Grain de sel No. 51: Nigeria. A Look at the Agricultural Giant of West Africa


A Grain de sel "Country Report"


The Nigerian Giant, an Imposing Neighbour
Jean François Sempéré


Benchmark - Nigeria


Nigeria: Called to Hegemony
Daniel C. Bach
With its privileged position in the sub-region, Nigeria is
poised to play a pivotal role in ECOWAS. But Nigeria’s
elites and its public policies must show that they are up to this

On the way to a single currency for ECOWAS Countries ?
Gilles Dufrénot
The ECOWAS countries are on the way to establishing a
single currency by 2020. Nigeria is poised to play a major
role in this process. While the plan apparently has unanimous
support, “the devil is in the details.”

Special Report

Staple crop production and consumption: Nigeria on the way to food self-sufficiency
Nigeria is endowed with abundant natural resources and
has substantial agricultural potential. While it ranks first
among the leading agricultural producers in the region, it is
also the largest importer of staple products in West Africa.

Demand for farm animal products in Nigeria: An opportunity for Sahel Countries?
Christophe Bernard, Bernard Bonnet, Bertrand Guibert
Nigeria is a major hub of animal product consumption in
West Africa. It is also one of the largest livestock-raising
countries in the region. Meeting the ever-increasing domestic
demand and access to these flourishing markets are major
economic stakes for Nigeria and for the neighbouring Sahel
countries that raise livestock.

Nigeria’s Agricultural Policy: Seeking Coherence Within strategic Frameworks
Mathilde Douillet, Fanny Granval
While Nigeria has many singular features, the country is
no exception when it comes to agricultural policy in the
region, caught between enormous potential, immense ambitions,
and still-insufficient concrete results.

Historic Oppotunities for Rice Growers in Nigeria
I.Bamba,, A. Diagne, J. Manful, O. Ajayi
The rice value chain in Nigeria is in a period of growth,
thanks in particular to strong support policies. Work remains
to be done, however, to give growers access to improved
seeds and improve quality, so that locally grown rice can fully
meet the needs of urban consumers.

Nigeria: From Customs exceptions to a Regional Trade Policy
Nigeria stands out in the sub-region for its traditionally
protectionist trade policy. This tendency, which is partly
in question today, has slowed down the process of West African
regional integration.

The Agro-Pastoral Product With Neighbouring Coutries: What’s at stake?
Dr Bio Goura Soulé
Nigeria is a central actor in the trade of farm and livestock
products between countries in the sub-region. This article
presents and analyses intra-regional trade in West Africa.

Nigeria’s role in Niger’s Food Security
Maty Ba Diao
Some land-locked Sahel countries in Africa are dependent
on cross-border trade for their food security. What is
the situation in Niger today? How do the cross-border flows of
staple foodstuffs from Nigeria allow Niger to ensure its food
security? This article describes the trade between these two


A look at agriculture and agribusiness in Nigeria
Ndidi Okonkwo Nwuneli
Agriculture in Nigeria as seen by a Nigerian specialist. In
some respects, the circumstances in Nigeria resemble those
of neighbouring countries. In this analysis, the emphasis is on
pragmatic approaches and the spirit of enterprise, whether
family-run businesses or larger-scale operations.

Farmers’ Organizations Not Yet Unified in Nigeria
There are a great many farmers’ organizations in Nigeria,
but can we speak of a Nigerian “farmers’ movement”? Between
the large umbrella organizations that are sometimes
manipulated by the government authorities, and a multitude
of local initiatives, Nigerian farmers are now beginning to look
for a path to unity.

Getting Fertiliser into farmers’ Hands
Brian Kiger, Ketline Adodo
To facilitate access to subsidised fertiliser for smallholder
farmers in Nigeria, IFDC developed a fertiliser voucher
programme that relies on a public-private partnership. This
initiative has met with resounding success, even if many limitations
remain to be addressed.

The Nigerian Giant Hungers for its Neighbours’ Coconuts
François Ruf, Ambrose Kwaku, Jérémy Salinier, Philippe Courbet
Nigeria is generally seen as a regional giant capable of
stimulating the agricultural economies of neighbouring
countries. Without appropriate public policies, however, regional
integration has its limits. Here, we illustrate this with a
case study of a little-known activity, the coconut value chain
in Ghana.

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